Finland Jewelry

Unique jewelry made in Finland, and/or by a Finnish artist.
From rare antique to vintage and modernist pieces, contemporary to innovative art jewelry.
Curated by Gi Väyrynen.

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Erik Kollin, Finnish workmaster for Fabergé (RU),
First Imperial Easter Egg, known as “Hen Egg”, it was made and delivered to Tsar Alexander III of Russia, in 1885. Crafted from gold, and an opaque white enamelled ‘shell’ opening to reveal its first surprise, a matt yellow gold yolk. A thin band of gold where the two halves of the shell are joined is visible around the middle of the egg. The two halves open to reveal a gold yolk with a matte finish, containing a varicolored gold hen with ruby eyes. | ©Photo: Fabergé

Eila Karsikas, three-dimensional handmade sterling silver brooch with carnelians. | © Photo: Marbeth Schon - M. Schon Gallery

Liisa Vitali for Aatos Hauli,
Vintage silver “Pitsi” (Lace) necklace, 1970’s-1980. | Hagelstam & Co

Kultaseppä Salovaara Ky, vintage modernist sterling silver bracelet with onyx cabochons, 1970’s. | © drogenpfander

Pekka Piekäinen

Pekka Piekäinen (1945-2004), was the second child of Martti and Elma Piekäinen, established owners of a watch and jewelry store in Helsinki, Piekäinen Oy, founded in 1939 and still open for business today.

Pekka Piekäinen, Finnish silversmith and watchmaker

He started his career with Kaunis Koru in the 1960’s, moving to Auran Kultaseppä, one of the oldest Finnish jewelry makers. At Kultakeskus Oy, Pekka Piekäinen served as artistic director and head designer from 1971 to 1989. In 1991, he founded his own business PlatinOro Oy, today a fully operational silversmith company, reproducing with excellence Piekäinen’s designs.

Pekka Piekäinen designs delivered an unique puristic outline with a clean, smooth and sleek geometrical shapes, inspired by nature and quotidian. He created one-of-a-kind timeless pieces of jewelry, silverware and also watches for Tissot and Omega, work that settled his name among other very respected international silversmiths, making him a pioneer in Finland, for designing and implementing the first series of design watches for mass production.

▪️1980 - State Design Prize (Muotoilun valtionpalkinto)
▪️2002 - Goldsmith of the Year by Finnish Goldsmith Association (Suomenkultaseppien Liitto)

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Hannu Ikonen for Valo-Koru,
Vintage “Reindeer Moss” (Renmoosblüte) bronze pendant, 1970’s. | eveMODERN / Etsy

Royal Collection: Imperial Easter Egg by Albert Holmström for Fabergé