Finland Jewelry

Unique jewelry made in Finland, and/or by a Finnish artist.
From rare antique to vintage and modernist pieces, contemporary to innovative art jewelry.
Curated by Gi Väyrynen.

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Juhani Linnovaara for Lapponia Jewelry,
Vintage gold ring, 1978. | Hopea

Björn Weckström for Lapponia Jewelry,
Vintage modernist sterling silver “Caravan” bracelet, 1977. | © seaside_treats

Tarja Tuupanen, “Notions of skill” Necklace. Ready-made marble tableware, velour sticker, steelwire, 2013. | Tarja Tuupanen

Liisa Vitali for Nils Westerback,
Vintage “Lady Bird” gold bracelet, 1971. | DevEduc Oy

Erik Granit, vintage sterling silver “Keha” (Ring) bracelet, 1966. | Hopea

Elis Kauppi for Kupittaan Kulta,
Vintage “Mountain Stream” pendant, in precious metal with rock crystal bubbles over spectrolite pebbles, 1975. | Phillips Auctioneers

Holger Lindström, vintage bracelet in 22K gold and emeralds, 1953. | Bukowskis

Jorma Laine for Kultateollisuus Ky,
Vintage modernist silver brooch, 1969. | © Auktionshuset Kolonn at